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Turbo-Flo Model Inlet / Discharge Max Discharge Pressure Flow Rate
T15 Metal Pump 76mm (3") 8.6 bar (125psi) 878 lpm (232 gpm)
Wilden Turbo-Flo T15 Metal - E.O.M

Wilden Turbo-Flo T15 Metal - E.O.M

Click Here to view the Wilden Turbo-Flo T15 Metal Engineering, Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Wilden Diaphragms Brochure

Wilden Diaphragms Brochure

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How to read a Wilden Pump Curve

How to read a Wilden Pump Curve

Click Here for information on how to read a Wilden Pump Curve for the Turbo-Flo T15 Metal.


The Turbo-Flo™ air distribution system operates on differential pressure only; there are no mechanical trip rods, bearings or springs to wear or repair. Its externally serviceable air valve body is attached to a center block, which houses specialized Glyd™ ring seals. The air valve piston within the air valve body routes the air supply to one of two air chambers as dictated by its position. As the air chamber fills with air, the diaphragm is displaced, thus pulling the connecting shaft and opposite diaphragm toward the center block. As the shaft moves, slots on the shaft break a seal created by center block Glyd™ rings. When this seal is broken, a low-pressure area is created at one end of the air valve body causing the piston to shift up or down vertically alternately supplying each air chamber with pressurized air to displace each diaphragm. Air valve tolerances allow for the passage of some moisture and air line particulates allowing free movement of the air valve.

Wilden Turbo-Flo
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