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Pro-Flo Air Distribution System

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Wilden Pro-Flo Advanced Series Solutions

Wilden Advanced Series Pumps

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As your application requirements and expectations evolve, so must our solutions. Wilden listen to the valued comments of engineers, maintenance personnel, and operators. Wilden has invested many years in the development of the Advanced™ pump series. These pumps outperform all other air-operated pumps on the market while remaining cost-competitive.


The Pro-Flo® patented air distribution system incorporates three moving parts: the air valve spool, the pilot spool, and the main shaft/diaphragm assembly. The heart of the system is the air valve spool and air valve. As shown here, this valve design incorporates an unbalanced spool. The smaller end of the spool is pressurized continuously, while the large end is alternately pressurized then exhausted to move the spool. The spool directs pressurized air to one air chamber while exhausting the other. The air causes the main shaft/diaphragm assembly to shift to one side — discharging liquid on that side and pulling liquid in on the other side. When the shaft reaches the end of its stroke, the inner piston actuates the pilot spool, which pressurizes and exhausts the large end of the air valve spool. The repositioning of the air valve spool routes the air to the other air chamber.

Pro-Flo Air Distribution System
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