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You own the premier AODD pump so why not keep it operating at peak performance with Genuine Wilden Diaphragms - engineered to optimise the performance of all Wilden AODD pumps.

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Pro-Flo Model Inlet / Discharge Max Discharge Pressure Flow Rate
P2R Plastic Pump 25mm (1") 8.6 bar (125 psi) 140 lpm (37 gpm)
Wilden Pro-Flo P2R Plastic - E.O.M

Wilden Pro-Flo P2R Plastic - E.O.M

Click Here to view the Wilden Pro-Flo P2R Plastic Engineering, Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Wilden Diaphragms Brochure

Wilden Diaphragms Brochure

Click Here to view the large selection of Wilden diaphragms for every application.

How to read a Wilden Pump Curve

How to read a Wilden Pump Curve

Click Here for information on how to read a Wilden Pump Curve for the Pro-Flo P2R Plastic.


Wilden pumps are designed to meet the performance requirements of even the most demanding pumping applications. They have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are available in a variety of liquid path materials to meet your chemical resistance needs. Refer to the Engineering, Operation and Maintenance Manual for an in-depth analysis of the performance characteristics of your pump. Wilden offers the widest variety of elastomer options in the industry to satisfy temperature, chemical compatibility, abrasion resistance and flex concerns.

Wilden Pro-Flo
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