Residential Irrigation

A quality irrigation system can be of great benefit to the home owner. A well designed system can save you water and money by applying water evenly to all areas while minimising wastage due to overwatering, evaporation, watering beyond boundaries. Time can be saved by automating the system, no more dragging out hoses, forgetting about turning taps on and off! An automated system will operate itself while you are asleep, on holidays or renting out your home, and of course you will have a green lawn and healthy garden.

It is paramount that you receive professional advice and pricing to procure equipment that is robust and reliable. At Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment we have had a long association with designing, installing and maintaining effective and efficient domestic irrigation systems.

At Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment we have been designing, installing and servicing domestic and commercial sprinkler systems for many years. Our inhouse irrigation designers use the IRRICAD computer program to aid in the design process and to produce quality plans for your home.

Our experienced irrigation team can assist with all your domestic irrigation requirements. Come in and see us about your new home irrigation system today or email us with your requirements.

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment Hydrawise WIFI Remote Irrigation Controller

Hydrawise WIFI Remote Irrigation Controller

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