Medical Water Treatment

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment design, supply install and service water treatment solutions for the medical industry.

Renal Dialysis Water

We provide central water treatment plants for the provision of high quality filtered, softened and pathogen-free water for haemodialysis systems.

A typical water treatment plant will include:

We also service the water treatment plants we install.

Our installations include Townsville Hospital, Maryborough Hospital, Innisfail Hospital, Cairns Base Hospital, Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital, Redcliffe Hospital, Bundaberg Hospital and Thursday Island Hospital.

A typical water treatment plant

High Purity Laboratory Water

We design and install high purity water systems for laboratories, pharmaceutical, dental surgeries, medial surgeries, autoclaves and humidifiers.

A typical high purity system includes:

See our High Purity Water Systems Brochures here.

High Purity Bench Top
High Purity Dispersal
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