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Sewage Pump System Upgrade

Customer: Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort

Location: Port Douglas, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment's Proserpine branch provide a range of products and services to island resorts throughout the Whitsundays and Northern Queensland; supplying and servicing everything from pool pumps to major sewage treatment / pumping stations and irrigation systems. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a large range of products across all facets of resort infrastructure.

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment's Proserpine branch regularly service customers across local off shore resorts, as well as working extensively with mainland tourist attractions and resorts for both sales and servicing. With extensive knowledge and experience in this area we are confident that our team of experts can provide solutions to clients problems. Dowdens Pumping carries a large range of spare parts and our service team are proud to provide comprehensive and professional after-sales service.

Recently Dowdens Proserpine were engaged by Fullshare Holdings (the owner / operators of the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort) to upgrade 5 existing onsite pump stations that had reached the end of their service life. At the projects inception Dowdens Proserpine conducted a thorough audit of the onsite pumping systems - the subsequent detailed report submitted to Fullshare Holdings resulted in Dowdens being awarded the contract to replace the ageing sewage pump stations. Dowdens Proserpine then set about designing a more efficient and reliable sewerage pump system that was to include smaller and more energy efficient Grundfos pumps, resulting in a reduction in the required maintenance and considerably lower overall energy use onsite. Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment are Authorised Grundfos Dealers throughout the Whitsundays / Mackay / Rockhampton regions.

Fullshare Holdings - Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort

Once the design was accepted Dowdens began works that would see 10 new Grundfos sewerage pumps being installed in 5 existing pump stations. The projects scope included supplying and fitting all rails, brackets, lifting chains, concrete pump station lids and non-return valves. Together with the design and installation of Grundfos electronic control panels (Grundfos CU362 Waste Water Controllers) & remote monitoring systems (Grundfos Remote Management [GRM]) which allows for SMS & Email to be sent to relevant site operators alerting them to any faults. The GRM system also allows for system alarms to be reset and pump duties to be modified remotely via any smart-phone or PC. Full product and system descriptions can be viewed below.

Fullshare Holdings (Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort) Sewage Pump Stations Upgrade


The aim of this project was to provide a modern and efficient sewerage pumping system that was energy efficient, reliable, had improved remote monitoring capability and increased level of safety for Dowdens Servicing and onsite technicians. The Dowdens Infield Service Crew began by removing the existing 30-year-old pumps, rails, brackets, lifting chains, heavy concrete lids and control panels. These were replaced with more efficient and reliable Grundfos pumping and monitoring equipment. During installation and commissioning Dowdens had to schedule works to meet the resorts strict operation requirements, ensuring the project proceeded with little to no impact on the resort guests.

The existing concrete lids were damaged and unsafe and needed to be replaced. Dowdens provided 'light lift' aluminium lids with integrated safety grates (pictured below) to minimise the risk of falling into the wet well whilst servicing the pumps. 3 out of the 5 existing control panels were deemed unsafe by Dowdens Electricians and required replacement with new stainless steel panels incorporating the Grundfos CU362 Pump Controllers and Grundfos Variable Frequency Drives on the 2 main pump stations. Dowdens also provided Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort with scheduled servicing of the Grundfos SEV & SE1 pumps; Grundfos CU362 Waste Water Controllers; Grundfos Remote Management [GRM] Systems; Dowdens custom built aluminium lids with safety grates; Stainless steel pump rails; 800kg rated lifting chains & the Backflow protection on wash down taps. The entire project was delivered on time and within budget.

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment design philosophy for this project was: Cost Effectiveness - Current Best Practice - Ease of Installation - Simple & Effective Plant Operation - Pump Station Reliability - Advanced Remote Management Capabilities - Reduced Ongoing Maintenance.

Sheraton Mirage Resort (Port Douglas) Sewage Pump Stations Key Components:

Fullshare Holdings (Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort) Sewage Pump Stations Upgrade


Sporting Field Irrigation System

Customer: Rockhampton Regional Council

Location: Mt. Morgan, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Rockhampton Regional Council

Rockhampton Regional Council recently engaged Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment [Rockhampton] to deliver a much needed upgrade to an Irrigation System for one of their sporting fields, Newman Oval, located in Mount Morgan - 40 kilometres South West of Rockhampton, QLD.

The project began with Rockhampton Regional Council deciding that Newman Oval - home to the Mt Morgan Lorikeets Rugby Union Club - was in need of an automated irrigation system. The existing irrigation system for the oval was a travelling irrigator which was not effectively watering the oval - resulting in dead patches of grass on the playing surface and other areas being over watered. This project was put out to tender with Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment's Rockhampton branch successfully winning the tender thanks to our price competitiveness, product suitability, delivery time and unique in-house irrigation design and fabrication capabilities.

The automated irrigation system designed and supplied by Dowdens includes a water tank, pump, dosing pump & dosing tank for fertigation (part of the design parameters Rockhampton Regional Council stipulated included liquid fertilizer to be injected through the irrigation lines into sprinklers from time to time).

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment Sporting Field Irrigation System [Mount Morgan, QLD]


A 3x3m garden shed was constructed on a concrete slab to house the new pumping system and controls (pictured above). As per the Rockhampton Regional Council's tender specifications the automated irrigation system was required to use treated effluent water collected from the nearby local Water Treatment Plant. Irrigating with treated effluent meant colour coded (lilac) poly piping and fixtures were needed to meet AS3500 standards.

A local Rockhampton contractor was hired to assist with the installation of the irrigation system. The installation required the spoil from the trenches being dug to be transported to a nearby marked out location with newly decomposed granite used to backfill the trenches. Each trench was then track rolled back to ground level for a smooth and safe playing surface finish. The Dowdens designed automated irrigation system provides 'head to head' coverage to the playing surface, 50% coverage on the outskirts of the playing surface with the whole project being installed & commissioned on time and within budget.

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment design philosophy for this project was: Cost Effectiveness - Current Best Practice - Ease of Installation - Simple & Effective Plant Operation - Irrigation System Reliability & Reduced Ongoing Maintenance.

Newman Oval Automated Irrigation System Key Components:

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment Sporting Field Irrigation System [Mount Morgan, QLD]

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