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Water Treatment System to Replace Existing Clarifier

Customer: Newcrest Mining Ltd - Cracow Gold Mine

Completion Date: 13/07/2012

Location: Cracow, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Water Quality Requirements:
Dual VSD pumps to supply raw water to ultrafiltration system for turbidity removal. Carbon filtration to remove taste and odour. Potable water disinfection via chlorine dosing.

Daily Treated Water Production: 100.0 KL

Key Features: Minimum operator requirements utilising PLC control with built-in HMI and Data Logging.


Water Use: Potable water supply requirements for Newcrest Mining Ltd's Cracow gold mine site, and for the Cracow Township.

Plant Description: Dual VSD raw water pumps from mixing and settling tanks to sediment filters. Installation of ultrafiltration units for turbidity removal. Installation of carbon filtration to remove taste and odour issues. Potable water disinfection undertaken through the use of chlorine dosing.

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