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Commercial and Industrial Water Softners Residential Economy Cabinet Water Softener

A softener 'exchanges' hardness ions for harmless sodium ions, leaving soft water. A special softener resin is the exchange medium and softener salt the regenerant. When the resin becomes laden with hardness ions the softener regenerates using a salt water solution, (sodium chloride + water). The intensity of the sodium introduced dislodges and displaces the hardness ions with sodium ions. The hardness and chloride ions are sent to the drain. When the process is complete the softener is regenerated and ready again to deliver soft water. The softener cabinet acts as the storage tank for the salt and water (brine). All functions are fully automatic with only a periodic top-up of salt required.

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment manufacture a wide range of water treatment products, including Water Softeners. Combining key components from trusted global manufacturers AUTOTROL Control Valves & CLACK Valves together with over 40 years of experience in the pumping and water treatment markets, Dowdens delivers an unmatched level of quality and service with all of our products.

Commercial and Industrial

The principal scale-forming minerals, calcium and magnesium, accumulate in piping, heat exchangers, water heaters, boilers and steam equipment resulting in significant increases in energy consumption, higher running costs and maintenance.


Residential and light commercial automatic cabinet style water softeners for potable water and process waters. The compact size of cabinet softeners make them ideal for apartments, laboratories, under bench installations or anywhere that space is limited.


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