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Sarina Golf Course Irrigation System

Customer: Sarina Golf Club

Location: Sarina, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment were engaged by Sarina Golf Club to re-engineer a poorly functioning whole course irrigation system. The existing system was found to be not operating correctly - resulting in severe under watering of the course.

The existing pumps, electronic pump control systems and automatic filtration system had not been commissioned appropriately by another pumping irrigation supplier. Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment carried out overnight flow logging and determined that pumps were starting and stopping up to 40 times an hour, sometimes shutting off completely - resulting in high power usage and elevated wear on the pumps and irrigation system.

A detailed survey of the pump and filter systems and their installation was carried out, then detailed course plans and irrigation control data was obtained allowing Dowdens' Irrigation Design Specialists and electrical installation staff to determine and then rectify these problems.


Stu Pendergast - course superintendent at the Sarina Golf Club has recently reported "Since Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment serviced our irrigation system it has been working extremely well and I have received no reported problems from my greenskeepers."

Key Project Features:

  • Dowdens' Irrigation Design Specialists identified problems with one of the existing submersible pumps - it was removed, serviced by Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment's infield technicians and then reinstalled
  • The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) was reset to the correct flow usage for the course
  • The existing central controller was reprogrammed
  • Two new TORO Satellite Field Controllers were installed with trenched power supply and cabling - these were connected to the existing central controller unit

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