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Organic Conditioners BrochureOrganic ConditionerDowdens Pumping & Water Treatment - Organic Conditioners.

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment manufacture a wide range of water treatment products, including Organic Conditioners. Combining key components from trusted global manufacturers AUTOTROL Control Valves & CLACK Valves together with over 40 years of experience in the pumping and water treatment markets, Dowdens delivers an unmatched level of quality and service with all of our products.

Automatic organic conditioners for residential and light commercial potable and process waters, used for the removal of organic and tannin discolouration from water supplies. Similar in function to water softeners but with a special anion exchange resin to absorb the organic tannins. Regenerated with a salty (brine) solution.

Each unit contains a tall, stand alone resin tank for more efficient back-wash and brining with a separate extra large capacity brine tank for greater salt storage and less frequent filling.

Control Options:

Automatic electronic timer

The conditioners capacity is calculated from the organic loading and the quantity of conditioner resin used. Based on the calculated capacity and the estimated water usage, the conditioner is programmed to automatically regenerate on the required days.

Automatic microprocessor demand

Top of the range, and most popular, automatic electronic demand regeneration conditioners feature an in-built water meter that monitors water flow and initiates a regeneration only when required based on the actual water usage patterns. Saves salt, water and money compared to non-demand regeneration conditioners. A wall mounted transformer supplies safe 12v power to the controls.


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