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HR, XR, ES, SW Series Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Specifications & Features:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

'HR' SERIES HIGH REJECTION SERIES High rejection RO's for lower TDS waters. Operating pressure range 1.25 - 2.27 bar (180 - 325 psi)

'XR' EXTRA-HIGH REJECTION SERIES Deliver extra-high rejection to purify brackish water with salt contents up to 15.0 gm/1. Capacities 1.0-25.0 m3/hr

'ES' ENERGY SAVING SERIES Employs ultra-low pressure membranes that lower power consumption. Suitable for less-stringent water quality applications and where less capital cost is a factor. Capacities 0.5 - 60.0 m3/hr

'SW' SEAWATER DESALINATION SERIES For desalinating sea water with up to 40.0 gm/1 in salt content. Most models offer optional Energy Recovery Devices (ERD) for lower unit cost of water produced. System capacities up to 600.0 m3/day


Demineralisation and Reduction of Total Dissolved Solids from Water

HR, XR, ES, SW Series Standard Features:

  • Pre-treatment with automatic media filters
  • Antiscalant dosing to prevent hard water scaling on RO membranes
  • Auto flush valve to remove deposits from membranes
  • Dual channel conductivity analyser constantly monitors feed and permeate quality
  • Fully auto operational - PLC BASED
  • HMI Operator interface
  • Feed, Reject, Permeate and Recycle Flow meters
  • Visible / audible alarms for poor quality water and faults
  • Stainless steel VSD pumps
  • Auto, semi auto, and manual operating modes

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment specialise in finding the right solution for your water and pumping problems. From complete design, build and installation, to after sales service and scheduled maintenance programs.

Download the HR Series (RO) Brochure for a full list of specifications and features.

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