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G4 Vertical & Horizontal Grinders, Sanders and Polishers


The solution to over speed and greater safety

The greatest hazard condition of a pneumatic grinder is caused by over speed. 90% of over speed occurs in the off load condition. Malfunction due to wear and tear on the speed controller, which then allows the grinding wheel to run to speeds higher than the safety limits of the grinding wheel resulting in wheel failure, disintegration and injury.

Turbo "G" 4 Rapid Response Speed Controller

How it works - The Turbo "G" 4 bursts into life the second you switch on the safety lock throttle. Running to the maximum safe permissible speed of the wheel. When the slightest load applied the speed controller senses this and responds by increasing airflow with only a 3% reduction in speed under full load. Conventional speed controllers reduce speed by between 12% and 20% speed reduction under full load result in reducing power output, production and wheel life potential. Another great feature of this grinders speed controller is decreased motor speed with any increase in air pressure above design pressure 6.2 (90PSI), which is unique to the Turbo "G" 4 rapid response governor.

Safety Benefits

  • Greater safety because the motor speed does not increase with increase in air pressure.
  • Greater safety as speed controller works in unison, that is there are no stationary components acting against rotating components resulting in longer life of vital assembly.
  • Safety lever on throttle eliminates accidental activation.

Air Consumption Benefits - A lower over-all consumption is achieved, because of super efficient motor and governor design.

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