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Location: Various locations across Australia

Specifications & Features:

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment design, supply, install and service side-stream filtration and disinfection systems for commercial and industrial cooling tower applications.

Advantages of FILTRATION:

  • Lessens the frequency of cooling tower cleans. The sludge in a cooling tower basin is where bacteria and legionella will grow as the sludge acts a food source for these organisms. With the agitation nozzles associated with a side-stream filtration system, the build-up of sludge in the cooling tower basin is virtually eliminated
  • Reducing the suspended solids in the tower by filtration helps maintain the cleanliness and health of the system which in turn helps reduces the operating and maintenance costs
  • The chemical water treatment effectiveness is increased enormously with the removal of the suspended solids
  • The overall thermal efficiency of the system is improved by removing the solids, thus reducing power consumption
  • By removing the dirt from the system, maintenance and cleaning of heat exchangers condensers is also reduced


Plant Advantages:


  • Eliminates hardness scale forming in pipework, valves and fittings
  • Eliminates the need for use of antiscalant chemicals
  • Prevents hardness scaling in UV systems. Most cooling towers employ ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems. The UV lamps are a heat source and will cause scale precipitation on the quartz sleeve within the UV. If not acid-cleaned regularly, the sleeves may become impossible to remove without damage


  • Reverse Osmosis significantly reduces the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), or mineral content, from the water (95%+ removal)
  • Mineral reduction results in significant savings in chemical usage
  • The more chemicals used to treat the water and bacteria, the more the increase in the mineral content (TDS) of the water. Reverse Osmosis will eliminate the bulk of chemicals required


  • Ultraviolet disinfection is a safe, chemical-free way to disinfect the water
  • Disinfection chemicals are no longer required therefore significant chemical usage savings can be attained

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