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Commercial and Industrial Media Filters


Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment are specialists in commercial and industrial water treatment and filtration. From complete design, build and installations, to after sales service and scheduled maintenance programs we can tailor a water filter to meet your companies needs, locations and budget.

Carbon Filters

  • A high quality general purpose coconut carbon that works by adsorption small molecular weight organics from potable water and waste water
  • Ideal for dechlorination, de-ozonation and pesticide removal
  • Single filter or multiple filter configuration
  • Single or twin - timer or metered control

Glass Filters

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled, crushed and treated fused silicon dioxide
  • High filtration performance of up to 5-10 micron removal
  • Glass is less likely to clump with oil and grease, making them ideal for car wash filtration applications

Iron Filters

  • Soluble iron and manganese are oxidised by chlorine and precipitated out of solution
  • The filter media is oxidised by dosing liquid chlorine solution to the filter by means of a peristaltic dosing pump

Nexsand Filters

  • Nexsand is a remarkable advance in media filtration technology
  • Based on a rare natural mineral that is highly processed and refined, Nexsand's unique properties have radically altered the performance and cost of media filtration
  • High filtration performance of up to 3-5 micron removal
  • Long lasting media (>5 years)

Download the Commercial and Industrial Filters with full specifications and product features.

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