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Bore Water Blending Infrastructure Project

Customer: Longreach Regional Council

Location: Longreach, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment were engaged by Longreach Regional Council to engineer and design 'Bore Water Blending Infrastructure' to supply artesian water to supplement the existing treated water supply at Longreach Regional Council's existing Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The existing capped borehole head was to remain intact yet the pump was to be installed through the bore discharge - creating a technical challenge.

It was an express obligation from Longreach Regional Council that the WTP operations were not adversely effected during the development of the project - this along with all other contract stipulations was successfully delivered.

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Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment were engaged at the projects inception offering our full spectrum of service to assess, engineer, design, specify, construct, install, test and commission as well as project manage a complete turnkey solution.

Key Plant Features:

  • Pumping equipment supplied is operable via an electronic variable speed drive using a manually set speed selection
  • Interlocks were provided to prevent the borehole pump operating for other than limited periods - for example, unless the water treatment plant is also operating
  • Delivery of the pipeline included ductile iron cement lined (DICL) pipe laid below ground level to accommodate transfers of 15 l/sec of hot artesian water to the discharge of the WTP filters - designed to withstand pressures of 500kPa
  • Plant was designed to withstand high water temperature (75c) from the constantly flowing artesian bore
  • Pipeline construction works included excavation, bedding, laying and backfilling utilising Dowdens experienced infield crew, supervisors and project management
  • Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment's Project Department design team also engineered concrete thrust blocks to provide restraint to the pipeline within the unstable substrate
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