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The Patented RAPID RAIL MAINTENANCE MACHINE is a pneumatically powered rail maintenance machine, that has been specifically developed to make the job of rail sawing and drilling easy. Traditionally this work is done with equipment and tools that produce rough and inaccurate work. This in turn causes derailments and excessive wear on the Rolling Stock wheels and bearings.

Simply position the unit at the point where the cut needs to be made. Clamp the unit onto the rail. Start the saw motor, turning the feed wheel clockwise and cut through the rail. Stop Motor, return the saw by turning the feed wheel in the anti-clockwise back to the open position. Then start the drill motor and turn the feed wheel clockwise on the twin drilling head, which is already correctly positioned on the side of the rail. Drill the holes through, turning the feed wheel clockwise and then turn anti-clockwise back to open position. Unclamp the units' rail clamp; lift the unit off the rail and job is complete in just 5 minutes.

Results - Accuracy and Repeatability is in the machine and not the operator

Rapid Rail Maintenance

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