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ATS G4 Chainsaw

Specifications & Features:

ATS G4 Chainsaw

Model: G4-CST-CDT
ATS Chain Saw with Tungsten Chain & Double Throttle
Chain Speed: 12.88 m/s
RPM: 8,200


  • Cutting Frame. Automatic levelling & aligning
    Length trimming cuts are done in parallel precision cuts. No propping up or holding up of timber end required.
  • Safety dual hand control
    Elimates operators hands coming anywhere near machines cutting chain.
  • Spring loaded chain guard
    Spring loaded chain guard automatically holds timber prop firmly and requires only one operator to work machine, eliminating extra danager of more hands in proximity of cutting blade.
  • Mechanical latch hold saw open
    Mechanical latch holds in the open position for easy one man loading of timber.
  • Micro filter
    Removes large and fine particles and water from the air. Reduces water vapour clouding in work area.
  • Micro lubricator
    Fully adjustable oil feed rate for adequate lubrication without creating oil spillage.
  • Motor exhaust air out onto the chain via separator
    Exhaust air cools, cleans and lubricates chain extending chain guide bar and sprocket life.
  • Superior high starting torque design tough rust free motor with low air consumption
    Motor will operate adequately at 4 bar pressure and on 12.7 (1/2") air line.
  • Best quality Laser welded tungsten carbide tipped chain.
    Tips are laser welded onto chain, eliminating softening of chain links and reducing stretch and wear. Competition chain tips are brazed which softens chain links.
  • Low height broad skid base
    Stable when dragged or sliding conditions.
  • Adjustable angle cutting ability
    Simple positionable adjustment lever, makes cutting angles simpler and repeatable.


The unique registered design of the ATS Chain Saw, allows for automatic precision leveling and aligning of the timber in relation to the frame via the spring loaded chain guard. This holds the timber down while cutting is in process.

There is a latch to hold the saw in the open position to allow the operator to load the timber into the frame. This makes the ATS Chain Saw a truly one man operated saw eliminating additional operators hands being caught in the saw.

The double throttle hand control guarantees that both hands have to be on the handles to operate the chain saw.

ATS G4 Chainsaw
Cert ISO 9001SABS Award
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