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45 Cut-Through Underground Pump Station

Customer: Anglo American - Grasstree Coal Mine

Location: Middlemount, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Check out one of our first inhouse 3D renders of an Underground Pump Station project delivered to Anglo American's Grasstree Underground Coal Mine in 2010.

This short video is a great exmaple of the depth of scope Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment can offer its customers and their projects - be they residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or mining customers.


Here are some pictures of the actual system components being transported out to the Grasstree Coal Mine [Middlemount, QLD] before final commissioning was undertaken:

250kW QDS Capari Pump Set (see 0:17 of video)

250kW QDS Capari Pump Set being loaded for transport (see 0:17 of video)

Sedimentation Separation Vessel being loaded for transport (see 0:30 of video)

Sludge Hopper being prepped for transport (see 0:51 of video)

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